Bar Management software in 15 minutes

Optimise your bar to recoup thousands in lost revenue due to sitting inventory, mispours & high pour costs
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Inventory Tracking

Take inventory in 15 minutes using our
intuitive mobile app

Track stock efficiently to drive strategic decisions to increase price, reduce sitting inventory or change supplier. Compare starting inventory with projected demand to drive reordering frequencies so you never run out of stock or lose potential revenue.

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Order Management

Get the best deal from suppliers to reduce pour costs

By tracking pour cost and inventory, make strategic decisions on the suppliers you choose and the inventory costs you haggle to increase revenue. Grab deals and discounts from our huge database of suppliers. Once you've chosen a deal, send a Purchase Order through Measure and track the status of the order through our system. Once you receive your invoice, we reconcile this with your accounting software

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Sales & Analytics

Plugin to your POS system to track sales, project revenue and analyse pour costs

We track your sales and project revenue so you can maintain cashflow. We also track your pour costs so you can decide whether to change supplier, bargain the cost of goods down or increase price


We'll come to your location and show you the app in action.

Faster Inventory

Take inventory in 15 minutes compared to an average of 3 hours, savings you thousands

Ordering made simple

Get the latest deals, order from the app and reconcile invoices with your accounting software.

Track Inventory Variance

By integrating with your POS system, gain visibility of mis-pours, thefts and bottle breakages to mitigate problems arising

Dynamic Pricing

We can price your products dynamically to grow revenue. We optimise pricing using demand, supply and pour cost data.

Set pars

Set and utilize pars to ensure inventory levels and to quickly create replenishment orders.

Track Usage

Track product usages each week to better manage inventory costs.

Gain Insight

Gain insight into your inventory levels to drive reordering rates and reduction of sitting inventory

Mobile and Cloud based

Track and take inventory on any device from anywhere in the world